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An avenue is generally a long road way, pathway or drive way to reach the house in big establishments or estates. The avenues give shade to the long path way. Generally indigenous plants are selected for avenues. The plants are also referred to as road-side plants.

Some common plants for Avenue:
  1. Albizzia lebbek (Leguminosae) - A large ornamental tree extensively grown on road-side and in gardens.
  2. Adansonia digitata (Bombacaceae) - One of the largest trees, grown on sides of wide roads.
  3. Bombax malabaricum (Bombacaceae) - Commonly called silk cotton tree. It is a deciduous tree and is economically important.
  4. Casuarina equisetifolia (Casuannaceae) - An elegant large evergreen tree and appears like Pinus. It is often planted to control the soil erosion and afforesting sandy beaches (Chowpatty, Uran beach etc.).
  5. Cassia siamea (Ceasalpinae) - It is grown as road-side plant which has drooping branches and bright yellow flowers.
  6. Gallistemon lanceolatus (Myrtaceae) - A road-side plant, commonly known as bottle-brush plant because of the appearance of its inflorescences.
  7. Ficus species {F. bengalensis, F. comosa, F. religiosa - (Urticaceae)} - They are large roadside plants giving cool shade.

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