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Ceiling Medallion
Ceiling medallions are easy to fix light equipment, which can be painted to match, the color scheme of the room in which they are installed. These can be easily fixed to the ceiling with glue or drywall screws. Since these are relatively inexpensive and durable they can be used all round the house. Given below are tips on how to fix a ceiling medallion:
  • While fixing a new medallion, the first thing you should do is to turn off the power from the fuse box.
  • Arrange the medallion pieces on the floor and understand how the different pieces are to be fixed.
  • If the ceiling opening is large you may have to increase the size of the medallion opening.
  • Apply just enough glue, on to the back of the medallion, about one inch from the edge of the medallion.
  • Set the medallion in its place and allow the glue about two hours to dry completely.
  • Apply caulk around the medallion to cover any gap between it and the ceiling.
  • Once a caulk has dried you can paint the medallion to match the color of the walls or ceiling.
  • You can then wire and hang the chandelier or other ceiling light fixture, by attaching the ceiling cap to the surface of the medallion.
  • If a ceiling light already exists and you want to install a medallion, you will have to remove the light fixture first and install the medallion. Once the medallion has been fixed properly, the light can be reinstalled.
  • If you are reinstalling light fixtures ensure that you keep all the nuts and screws carefully, to reuse later on.
  • You can clean your light fixtures thoroughly as you are dismantling them.

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