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Paint Color Wheel
Paint Color wheel provides guidelines about the exotic paint color combinations. The palette of colors is a collection of different house paint colors that can be primarily categorized into three broad categories namely primary, secondary and tertiary colors. This versatile paint color wheel takes into the fantasy world of colors and shows you the glimpses of beautiful shades. It enhances your understanding about harmonious color combinations by giving you a broader picture. The primary colors form the base of the color wheel. Three shades mainly yellow, red and blue fall into the category of primary color collection. These primary colors are bright, hot and exuberant. To form the color wheel, next to primary colors a layer of secondary colors is formed. Secondary colors are the result of innovative creations of primaries.

To prepare secondary color, one primary shade is blended with the other primary shade. This blending technique is called subtractive process. These colors are also called complementary colors. The three secondary colors are orange (combo of red and yellow), green (yellow plus blue) and violet (blue and red).

Final stage of making the wheel is to prepare the last layer of colors known as tertiary colors. These tertiary colors are the resultants of mix matching one primary with another secondary color. Popular tertiary shades are blue-violet, green-yellow, red-orange etc. Make your sweet home more beautiful by following the tips on paint color wheel.

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