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Curtain Pelmets
Window treatment will be incomplete without decorating the curtain pelmet. Pelmets can be decorated without having to use a thread and needle. All you require in fabric, buckram and fabric. Cut the fabric in the shape of the pelmet, and then cut the buckram in the same shape as well. Glue the fabric on to the buckram and glue the buckram on to the pelmet. To highlight the shape of the pelmet you can use decorative trimmings along the edge of the pelmet. These no-sew pelmets can be made with fabric of any weight and they can be cut into any shape you desire.

Padded pelmets add elegance to the window treatment of any room. These add the final touch to the window decoration of a room. If the pelmets are not straight and have a design, always cut out the shape on paper before you cut the fabric. As the paper cut out can be easily adjusted to the size required. Using braids and tassels to the lower edge of the pelmet will not only embellish the pelmet but also make it the focal point of the room.

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