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Designing a Kitchen
Kitchen plan should make our every move easy and all our cooking supplies and appliances within our reach with ample room to turn and walk between the cabinets easily. There are safety issues too along with the kitchen design that makes cooking as pleasant as it can. Especially with kids and pets, you need to plan the kitchen that is not within their reach. Cabinets with magnetic locks and a breakfast bar in the kitchen where children can be with their moms while she is cooking and still out of the harm's way is a good idea too. You can get a hide-away pet-feeding bowl in a sliding drawer near the floor.

Ergonomic planning in the kitchen, especially in a small kitchen, makes working much easier and is based on an activity center with sink, fridge and cooking range being the three corners of the 'working triangle'. The distance between these three most used areas of the kitchen should not be so great, as to make the cook run around several times nor so less that it is inconvenient to turn from one area to other, which is not safe too. Refrigerator can be placed near the countertop, so that it becomes easier to stash vegetables and groceries in it and take them out again to chop while the dishwater near the sink can be used to wash utensils easily.

It should be made sure that counters should be at the right height to make working for the cook easier and if the cook is left-handed, it may take more thought as to which side the cabinets should open to make it easier for him or her to work. Separate areas for heavy pots can be assigned while drawer size of appropriate sizes for small appliances can be designed accordingly. Right and appropriate storage areas helps you to keep the kitchen more organized and minimizes bending and stooping down, to give less strain to your back.

Finest customized kitchens are the first things that all women want in their homes. Kitchens are often part of the family's activities and have to endure most traffic, as family members come and go for cooking and eating in the area. Designing them well means to make the area look more beautiful and feel more efficient. Here are some tips to get the kitchen you want:
  • Kitchen planning need not necessarily be too expensive or tiresome. However, it is always best to assess what you need, what you want and how much you want to spend beforehand.
  • Read our article on kitchen style to pick up the one that suits you best. Some of the most loved styles include kitchen islands and a U-shaped kitchen.
  • Right measurements are a great help in choosing the scale of your appliances, counter, fixtures and door and cabinet knobs.
  • Cabinets and drawers must be designed keeping their use in mind and what things need to be stored there. For narrow spaces, you may like cabinets that provide vertical storage systems while for hidden pet feeding troughs you may need sliding drawers touching the floor, calculated to your pet's height.
  • Do not get tempted to buy all the latest appliances. Sometimes long-standing habits render them useless. So, buy only the ones that you will actually use. You may not need the grill, if you are not into barbecuing. Similarly, a dishwasher may not be able to help you to clean platters on which very oily food has been served.
  • Add the personal touch to the kitchen by incorporating a windowsill plant or a cabinet with television.

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