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Ideal Kitchen Concepts
The kitchen is probably the most used (or misused!) room in any home, requiring an efficient combination of storage spaces , working counters , seating areas and free passages. It has to be functional, practical, elegant and comfortable, all at the same time and hence, great emphasis should be laid on the overall layout design of the kitchen, especially the small (and seemingly minor ) details.

There are various practical points that must be considered and discussed before commencing the designing of a new kitchen or the modification of an existing one.
  • The style of cooking (which varies greatly due to influences of country, state, religion, health and personal choice) would greatly influence the design and layout of a kitchen. Importance must be given to the type of materials, ingredients and mediums used as well as the appliances and working space required for that particular style of cooking.
  • A kitchen should be designed to match the preferred style of the individual user and the general décor of the rest of the house . It may be designed in a country / farmhouse, contemporary, colonial / English, laboratory, futuristic / high-tech, European / Mediterranean or ethnic style with matching decor and finishes.
  • A minimal, modular, straight lined, no-fuss work-area where the emphasis is on efficiency, workability and cleanliness. There are no wasted spaces and no unnecessary display of items or clutter. Most of the appliances are built-in and the work areas are easy to maintain and clean.
  • According to the theory , an efficient and practical kitchen layout is one where ideally the three major elements:
    »   Sink/Washing area
    »   Refrigerator
    »   Cooking range
    are conveniently located so that the user can work and move about easily. The distance between the refrigerator, the cooking range and the washing area should not be less than 6 meters. This working should not be broken by full heights, fitments doors or passages.
  • The flooring, mostly used is mosaic, ceramic tiles, marbles. Stone flooring or ceramic tiles are recommended for Indian conditions, keeping in mind the surrounding dirt and dust since the material is impermeable, hard and stink / scratch resistant.
  • The walls in most kitchens are usually painted. Good quality plastic emulsion paint for areas under the sink and near the wash area.
  • Cabinets are usually made of 19mm commercial block boards with laminate or enamel/duco paint.

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