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Kitchen Wall Accessories
Vertical wall space can be used skillfully to provide you open storage space in the kitchen so you do not have to go all through drawers to find something that you use daily. They range from simple accessories to functional and stylish storage options. Hooks to hang your pots and pans, spice and plate racks are some of the most versatile options. You may save time by opting for open shelves than closed cabinets so that it is easy to find something. Shallow drawers are great to keep your knives, spoons and bottle opener, so you automatically know where to find them. The most inexpensive way to give an instant new look to your kitchen is to replace the knobs of the cabinet doors with handles.

Other wall accessories you can use in the kitchen are moldings. These decorative strips ensure uniformity in the look of the kitchen and come in many varieties and finishes. You can match them up to your cabinets or legs and plinths. A simple kitchen trolley is quite a flexible and not-so-expensive alternative to additional worktop space, storage shelf or serving space, which can be wheeled into a corner after use. There is nothing like specialized and customized organizers to keep your worktop clutter-free and solve your kitchen storage problem in a stylish manner. It consists of a cupboard and several drawers, each assigned for a specific purpose. You can look for some of the state-of-art kitchen organizers in big stores and specialized modular kitchen showrooms.

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