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Landscape Lighting
Earlier the garden or outdoors was lit up, to allow people entering the house after dark to see clearly and to prevent thefts. Today landscape lighting is done to enhance the beauty of the garden. Landscape lighting has become a work of art. The aim of landscape lighting is to display the house and the garden in its entire splendor after dark. The lighting has its functional aspect as well as it provides well lit outdoors which help prevent thefts. Here are a few tips for better landscape lighting:
  • Use a professional, a certified lighting consultant who will be able to give you the best advice.
  • Study your garden carefully and decide what you would like to highlight by the lighting.
  • Ensure that the lighting professional has a copy of your landscape design.
  • Include outdoor lighting while you are planning the landscape, as it will be easier to lay pipes and wires.
  • Get more than one quotation so that you can compare prices.
  • Install a transformer that is large enough to meet your current and future lighting needs.
  • If you are planning to do part of the lighting now and the rest later on, then lay all the electrical groundwork in the first stage itself.
  • Use soft light that looks like moonlight for the best results.
  • Do not use too many lights; the landscape should be visible and not the lights.
  • Hide the source of the lighting system behind plants and shrubs.
  • The fixtures should not be visible, only the light from the bulbs should be seen.
  • Use fixtures that are water resistant.
  • Most people prefer using white light for landscapes, but with the help of a professional, you could try some color variation too.
  • Use fluorescent lights are they are cheaper and more efficient that incandescent lights.

Garden is a place where man interacts and is near to the mother nature even at the time when we are on the verge of destroying it.
  • Lighting should be planned according to desired landscape lighting effects as well as providing adequate light for walking , security etc.
  • All lights , wiring and metal work should be able to resist weather conditions for a prolonged period of time like dust , moisture and corrosion.
  • The lighting should illuminate select areas , should create striking effects and keeps what is to be concealed in shadows.Thus , the way of lighting drastically changes the way of living and mood of the environment. So one must be very careful while planning the lights and choosing the fixtures as in the end , if worked carelessly , it can result into mis match of everything.

Swimming Pool & Fountain Lighting
Water presents a challenging and rewarding medium for lighting . Swimming pools , fountains , waterfalls magically come to life with lighting effects at night.
  • For effective swimming pool lighting , the lights are generally set below the water level , into the sides of the pool.
  • This should be done while the construction of the pool so as to keep the wiring away from water.
  • The lights should be placed to shimmer down the deep end of the pool.
  • Fountains are effectively lit by submerged narrow beam sources set near the base of each jet or falling on the flowing water casting a color and sparkle on it. Waterfall comes to life when lit from behind.

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