Landscape Gardening
Landscape gardening covers certain features which have been explained in details in the following sections.

Types of Gardens are:
»   Kitchen Garden
»   Rock Garden
»   Terrace Garden
»   Water Garden, etc.

The garden usually contains lawns, hedges, edges, arches, pergolas, etc. Each term has been explained in details in the following section. Apart from above parts of a garden, lighting the garden plays a important role which has been explained in details in Interior Ideas of this website. Also the plants which should be used in different parts of the gardens has been listed according to related article.

If you are willing to know a common name while coming across Scientific name, you can search Google to know the common name, make sure you put both Genus & species name together while you search.

Note: Plants name wherever mentioned are in Scientific name in form of (Genus species). Genus is a name of group and it always starts with capital letter. species is the individual's name which starts with a small letter and both are always written in 'italics'. Above Genus is Family which always ends with 'acea' and is also written in italics. (Family contains group of Genus and Genus contains group of species).

For instance Genus can be referred as a surname and species as an individual name, whenever specifing a name first its written Surname (Genus) and then name (species). The only difference is our Name starts with capital letters but species name does not. There can be same species name in different Genus, but Genus name is unique. You will not see same Genus name with different species name. Though in human world you will find two families with same surname but not in Plant taxanomy. After all plant taxanomy terms is given by humans under universal laws. For example Phlox paniculata and Andrographis paniculata.

To know more about Plant Taxanomy and name of all the Genus existing on this earth visit:

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