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Outdoor Glass Lights
Outdoor lighting can highlight and add to the exterior of the house. Especially if glass lights are used outside the house it enhances the effects created by the lights. A wide variety of glass is used to make outdoor lights. Depending on the type of the glass used the appearance of the exterior can change. Here are a few types of glass that can be used for outdoor lighting:
  • Blowing the glass around a mold and then passing it through an optic box creates the hammered look in hammered glass. Sandblasting can get the same effect.
  • When air bubbles or particles are trapped in glass it is called seedy glass. This glass diffuses light in a beautiful manner.
  • Once the glass is molded it is passed through rollers and the effect created on hardened glass is like waves. This is called water glass.
  • Tiffany-Style or Mission-Style Glass is colored glass in different attractive pattern that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Alabaster glass is molded to look like alabaster marble. As a result the light is diffused and dim creating an ambience that is simple and beautiful.
  • Glass that is either coated or sandblasted is called frosted glass. This is commonly used in modern fixtures. When this glass is used in lights it produces largely, even radiance.

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