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Paint Sheen
While selecting paint for a particular room take your time to choose the paint. The paint that you select is an important component in creating the final appearance of the room. A factor that you should carefully consider is the sheen of the paint. Sheen is the amount of light reflected off the painted surface or how much the paint shines ones it is applied. The sheen of paint determines the appearance, durability and suitability of the paint. Greater the sheen greater the enamel value which affects the strength or protective ability of the paint. As sheen for paint is not standardized, each manufacturer may call the same sheen by different names. The different types of sheen are:
  • Flat paint has a matte finish that does not reflect light therefore it is good to hide imperfections on the wall. This paint is normally used for surfaces that has little wear and tear and does not need scrubbing often. Flat paint is best for walls that have been painted a number to times and have been repaired often. Flat paint is ideal for wall where wallpaper has been peeled off.
  • Satin paint is often called eggshell, has a delicate shine much like the luster of the shell of an egg that is fresh. It last longer than flat paint and more stain resistant than flat paint. Unlike gloss satin paint too does not draw attention to flaws on the surface. You can use satin paint on cabinets, in kid's rooms and baths.
  • Semi gloss paint has more luster than satin paint, is easy to clean, as it is more stain resistant than satin paint. Semi gloss paint is best for rooms that have a lot of wear and tear and require to be scrubbed often like the kitchen and baths etc. It can be used on woodwork and cabinets as well.
  • Gloss paint is hard, shiny and hides almost all brush strokes but it draws attention to imperfections on the surface that it is used. It is the toughest, most stain-resistant and is the easiest to clean among all the above-mentioned paints. It can be used for woodwork like banisters, railings, trims and cabinets.

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