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Painting Doors
The doors, windows, frames, cupboards, trims are all normally made of wood, vinyl or metal. These should also be painted while the house is being painted to give the house a completely new look. While painting doors remember to paint the main entry and exit doors of the house last. So that the paint is allowed to dry without being disturbed as the rest of the painting is complete. Here are a few tips on how to paint doors.
  • Paint the door in its frame and on its hinges.
  • Clean hinges with alcohol. Coat them with rubber cement to prevent painting. This can be peeled off after the painting is done.
  • Remove doorknobs, handles, locks etc. If they cannot be removed mask them.
  • Being painting the door from the frame. Being with the inside bottom, the move to the header and then down the sides of the frame.
  • Paint the flat door from the inner hinge edge and work your way over the door in one direction.
  • Use a 4-inch closed- end foam roller. Combine rolling and brushing.
  • First use the roller to deliver paint onto the door face rapidly and consistently. Then brush the applied paint, with the brush for a smooth finish.
  • For paneled doors, begin working from the top left- hand panel and work you way down the door in an orderly fashion. Apply paint with the roller and the brush off the paint. Work carefully and use a rag to wipe off any paint that drips as you paint.
  • Let the paint dry completely. Sand the door gently and then apply second coat.
  • Once the door is dry replace door fixtures and peel off rubber cement from hinges.
  • To protect the floor while painting slip some cardboard under the door.
  • To keep the door steady while painting use wood shims in the gaps between the hinges.

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