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Sustainability In Design And Construction India Bangalore 2016
The Ritz Carlton
Bangalore, India

Aug. 4, 2016 - Aug. 5, 2016

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue Details:
The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore, India

Free Entry

Buildings consume about 35% of total energy in India alone, and as a result of rapid economic and population growth, this consumption is likely to rise at an alarming rate. Acute hike in demand for housing, expansion of organized retail, commercial office spaces by multinationals, the setting up of special economic zones (SEZs). Indian cities are among the world's most vulnerable to impacts of climate change. By the year 2050 sixty percent of the population will be living in cities, the role of buildings in providing climate change adaptation options is fundamental to sustaining prosperity and well-being. A key climate change pressure on the built-environment is the diminishing availability of water for urban areas. With the rising demand of buildings it will be mandatory for all state governments to implement by 2017 the minimum requirements for energy efficient design and construction set by the central government to meet the challenges of depleting resources, increased urbanization and rapid construction.

Sustainability in design & construction was introduced since 2010 by Nispana discussing varied topics like inclusion of aesthetics in built and Unbuilt spaces, holistic construction, retrofitting and energy efficiency and all the key topics on sustainability. Every year it created a robust platform for the top architects, construction companies, developers and consultants to meet, network and gain knowledge. Hence Nispana is proud to announce the 6th Annual SICI Conference Mumbai on the 5th and 6th February, The highlight for this year is going to be regulatory and government's policies concerning sustainability in construction, including best practices, successes, barriers and recommendations for further implementation towards mitigation of climate change impacts.

This conference will attract over 1000+members from across the globe ranging from Decision makers to world class solution providers and industry veterans, giving a wider perspective to the Design being created & Construction Infrastructure redefined.

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