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Water Garden
Most of the great gardens of world use water in their setting. It is beautiful in its own right, with ever changing surface varying with moods of the weather. A large garden is not essential for water plants but what is required is sun-shine, not too deep waters and suitable compost.

Selection of site
If in any site of the garden, a natural stream, pond or lake exists it becomes easier to develop the water garden. If no such natural facilities exist, an artificial pond or pool must be formed in a sunny spot and fit over all in garden design. Mark the boundary of the pool and excavate the earth out. The material excavated can be used for higher ridges of the rock garden. They should be formed before tackling lawn and other nearby structures. Nowadays you have large plastic ponds that can be fitted. It has a large stoppers at the corner at the base for changing the water and to keep it clean. Cement and concrete is used to form the pond. The central region should be 6 feet to 6 ft. 6 inches deep. On the concrete layer 6 inches of compost is put. Before planting or introducing fishes the pool is filled with water and kept for several months; free lime which is poisonous (present in concrete) will seep out rendering it harmless.

Even prefabricated pools in a variety of shapes and materials including fibre glass are available in market. They are light, easy to handle and can be planted in matter of hours. Some of them have even pre-punched holes for planting.

Plant water lilies in baskets or containers with holes. Trim the plant beforehand removing unwanted old roots, rhizome and dead leaves. Plant firmly with the leaves exposed. Drop the baskets in the pool and fix them on bricks. Floaters are simply placed on water surface while oxygenators are put in boxes, weighed with stones and droped into position. Waterside perennials are planted in normal ways. One can introduce some fishes like Gold fish and Golden Orfe as they are easily seen.

Some important plants of water garden :
Water lilies, Nymphaea varieties, Alisma, Cyperus alternifolius, Limnanthemum indicum.

Plants for marginal planting:
Iris laevigata and several varieties of it, Ranunculus glandiflora, Sagillaria sagittiflora, Typha minima, Acorus calamus.

Floating aquatics
Eichornia crassipes, Nymphoides indica, Trapa natans, Jussieua effusus.

Submerged aquatics
Submerged aquatics are oxygenerators. Elodea crispa, Potamogeton crispus, Rananculus aquatilis, Vallisnena etc.

Hanging Baskets
Hanging baskets with suitable plants provide quick mean of bringing, colour to the rooms verandahs, corridors, galleries etc. They have great ornamental value. Baskets are usually formed of galvanized wire or wood. The framework of basket may also be formed of painted or plastic covered wire, bamboo treated in same manner or even terra cotta pots with holes at intervals in the side. The supporting chains must be strong and the basket at easily accessible height. The usual procedure is to line the container with moss, pressing it firmly against the plant, less towards the sides. If moss is not available coconut fibres can also be used. After moss-lining the basket is filled with soil. The soil proportion is 1 part rich loam, 1 part leaf mould and 1 part horse manure. The basket, when filled the soil at the centre top should be lower than the sides. Then ready to be watered daily. The plants used should be trailers so that they hang from the basket and some should be upright, liquid fertilizers are generally used for baskets.

Some important plants for hanging baskets:
1. Geranium of various kind specially Ivy-leaved trailing type.
2. Petunias - beautiful ornamental annuals.
3. Peperomia argyreia - small herbaceous trailer
4. Fuschia - beautiful flowers,
5. Begonias
6. Oxalis floribunda
7. Pilea microphylla - leaves small, minute.
8. Asparagus sprengen - Fern-like with cladodes.
9. Zebrina pendula - Two color leaves when hanging looks beautiful.

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