Introduction to Landscape Gardening
The gardens have become rare with the growth of the cities. A garden may be defined as an area adorned or decorated with plants around the house which is valuable and also pleasurable. The garden is a necessity of the modern life as it gives recreation after the days hard work. Not only that but it reduces noise pollution. But sadly the gardens are becoming fewer in the modern world and its place is taken by the concrete gardens.

Just a collection of plants does not make it a garden. But their skillful arrangement, the pattern, their disposition and selection of place and plants together form a garden. It requires intimate knowledge of plants grown, artistic taste and visualization.

Generally there are two styles of gardens, i.e., natural and the formal. The two styles are diametrically opposed to each other. The natural, which is also known as landscape style, imitates Nature inside the garden. It tries to produce a rural effect. This type of gardening requires a big place or area.

The formal style is also known as 'symmetrical' style. These are more suited to modern cities because it can be developed on a comparatively smaller area. It is planned and calculated to give harmonies and contrasts in colour and a balance on the whole.

In recent days, in modern cities the gardens are planted in such a way that it combines the good points of both the styles. This third style is called 'artistic' or 'free' style.

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