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Aspects of Bathroom Interior Designing
Bathrooms and toilets have always been used as the intellectuals to spend some time alone and do some thinking and be with peace with oneself. An ideal bath retreat at home may not have a spa, a luxurious Jacuzzi or a whirlpool but is still a place that soothes one's eyes and mind at once and make the person feel comfortable. It is efficient and beautiful at the same time and should be able to make the day for you.

An individual's idea of luxury differs, as do the features they would like to include in their bathrooms. The bathrooms of today are different in quality and style-ranging from the practical to luxurious. The possibilities are endless: His and Hers wash-basins, bidets, Jacuzzis with underwater lighting and adjustable slide jets with an option of water, heated air or both, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool or a reading nook with bookshelves and two comfy chairs! Then there are bathrooms located in a secluded corner of the house beside a glass wall that brings the outdoors within.

Whereas earlier the sink, WC and bathing area were placed just where they fitted in conveniently, often resulting in the users having to slog the length of the room to wash their hands, today a lot of thought is given to the placement of each fixture in the bathroom.

Dressing walls in the bathroom is easier, as many materials can be used. A simple look requires just a coat of paint or ceramic tiles. However, water as well as soap suds are bound to splash on the walls in the bathing area and if the material is not well-selected, it will leave ugly stains in the passage of the time. Lighting in the bathrooms gives the whole space a well-lit look. Fluorescent tube-lights are accepted as a rule, but a couple of bulbs fitted near the mirror would produce a sharp and wonderful effects.

The minimum fixtures in any bathroom are a WC, washbasin, and shower and not to mention taps. But the tempting variety available today both in design and color offer different combinations. Bathrooms are been given much more attention, particularly in size. The budget allocated for decoration of bathrooms has also increased substantially.

New and popular flooring options available today are more in terms of color than any change in material used. Italian marble and ceramic tiles still hold the market, but the changes seen are in the colors and the ways of laying them. Basic earth shades are being mixed and contrasted with bolder shades to draw attention to the floor. Walls can also sport the new look of plain, patterned, embossed or marbled ceramic tiles which are offset by printed borders.

A variety of WC's are now available in different shapes, flushing styles and the capacity of the flush-which ranges from 5 to 7.5 liters. Wall mounted WCs are available in two options: standard and concealed flushing apparatus.

Wash basins, with pedestals or fitted into a counter, come in a host of shapes, be it the standard one or the triangular shape that fits perfectly into a corner of the bathroom and avoids wastage of space.

Bathroom fixtures available in the market today have sleek designs and come in a variety of powder-coated colors of deep blue and vibrant red versus the chrome, black and ivory which were popular years ago. The designer taps may vary from a single tap to options like three tap hole basin mixers with pop-up systems and swivel spout mixers.

Acrylic bath-tubs are now available in many shapes- from standard rectangular to the more unusual triangular, D-shape and the rounded variety. Readymade acrylic bath trays come in the standard size of 3'X 3' or 4'x 2.3' in a square or rectangular shape.

Luxury options like Jacuzzis are popular with those who can afford the steep rise, while shower cabinets find very few takers in the market today. Jacuzzis made of acrylic and reinforced with fiber glass are available in designs. Saunas are popular because they help the excess fat in the body to melt away.

Bathroom accessories like soap trays, bathroom shelves, towel rails, toilet-paper holders, hooks and toothbrush holder are color coordinated. Walk in wardrobes adjacent to the bathroom are also a common feature. A lot of stress is also laid on exhaust and fresh air fans.

The color schemes popular today are contrasts between a basic earthy shade like a fawn, beige or black, with a bolder color like a deep maroon or forest green. If bathroom space permits, Jacuzzis and bath tubs find their way in.

Current lifestyles often demand that bathrooms offer extra facilities beyond the purely functional. Besides the mandatory, a bathroom can be facilitated with the closet storage, make-up table-cum-dresser, washing machine or even a little nook used as a dressing space, depending, of course, on the space available.

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