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Abutment is the part of the wall or pier on which the arch resists.

This is as decorative wood or brass end that is used at the end of the cords of blinds to hide the knotted ends.

Acoustical plaster
This is gypsum mixture, which is employed as a final coat to serve the purpose of a sound-repellent finish.

Acoustics or sound is a form of wave motion created by a vibrating body and is transmitted in all directions in the form of spherical waves consiiting of alternate compressions and rarefactions.

Aggregates are those chemically inert materials which when bonded by cement paste form concrete.

Airborne sound
An airborne sound is one which is transmitted through air and travels direct to the ear of the person.

Alteration (In Architectural Designing)
A change in usage of building or a structural change, such as some addition or some deletion or change of the fixtures or equipment.

this is a very heavily embossed type of duplex paper. (From the Greek Ana Relief Glypta Cameo).

Anchor piles
In foundations, when piles are used to provide anchorage against horizontal pull from sheet piling walls or other pulling forces, they are termed as Anchor piles.

Arch ring
It is a course of stones or bricks having a curve similar to that of the arch.

An Arch may be defined as mechanical arangement of wedge shaped blocks of stones or bricks mutually supporting each other and supported at the end by abutments.

Arched Valance
In this valance, the sides are longer than the center and the lower edge is shaped.

Asphalt varnish
This is made by dissolving melted hard asphalt in linseed oil and thinned with turpentine or petroleum spirit. This varnish is chiefly used to give a black shop coat to fabricated iron and steel products.

Assembly building
These shall include any building or part of a building where group of people gathers for amusement, recreation, social religious or for some other reason.

Austrian Blind
This is a gathered blind that is longer than required. The extra fabric forms ruching at the bottom of the curtain. Ruching is a ruffle or pleat at the end of the curtain.

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