Interior Terms

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These are the masonry chambers provided at suitable location and on the line of the sewer for the purposes of inspection and cleaning the sewers.

Mansard Truss
This truss is now rarely constructed. This truss has two pitches, the lower varying from 60 degrees to 70 degrees and the upper from 30 degrees to 40 degrees. This truss is more or less a combination of king post and queen post trusses.

Measurement of Cement
Cement should always be measured by weight and not by volume.

Measurement of Coarse Aggregates
Coarse aggregate may be measured either by volume (litres) or by weight. In case of wet aggregate, allowance for surface water should be made while determining the quantity of water to be used in the mix.

Measurement of Fine Aggregates
Fine aggregates i.e. sand is normally measured by volume in case of ordinary works whereas in case of all important projects, it is measured by weight.

Measurement of Water
Water may be measured by weight or by volume.

Mercantile buildings
These shall include any building or part of a building which is used as shops, stores, market, for display and sale of merchandise either wholesale or retail.

Also called foils, these papers have a large percentage of metal on the surface, predominately Aluminium or powdered metals can be added to the ground paper.

Mezzanine floor
An intermediate floor between two floor levels aqbove ground floor and at least one side of it should form an integral part of space floor /below.

It may be defined as a cut formed at the required corner by cutting the corner of the sheet for a length of 15cm or the length of the end lap whichever is more along the vertical edge and for a width equal to the width of one corrugation along the horizontal edge of the sheet.

These have a satin or satinette ground and have a finely engraved embossing.

It is usually a mixture of cement and sand or lime and sand, or a mixture of three. It not only acts as a cementing material but also imparts strength to the work by holding the individual bricks together to act as a homogeneous mass.

Mud Plastering
This type of plastering is commonly seen in kuccha construction in villages and in other structures of temporary character. This is the cheapest form of plastering.

It is the central member usually used in the revolving doors, which is attached with ball-bearing at the bottom and bush bearing at the top so as to enable the door to revolve smoothly without producing jerks.

A structure with a covering roof over a staircase and its landing built to enclose only the stairs for the purpose of providing protection from weather and not used for human habitation.

These depict a scene or landscape. They are often made of several lengths.

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