Interior Terms

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Habitable room
A room occupied or designed for occupancy by one or more persons for study, living, sleeping, eating, kitchen but not including bathroom, water closet, store, pantry, corridor etc.

Halving joint
This joint is used in members crossing or meeting at an angle. In this method, each member on opposite sides is cut to half of its thickness, at the joint and lapped.

Hand rail
It is provided to render assistance in negotiating a stair-way. It is supported on balustrades and usually run parallel to the slope of the stair.

Haunch of an arch
It is the portion of the arch situated centrally between the key and skew backs.

Hazardous buildings
These shall include any building or part of building which is used for the storage, handling, manufacture or processing of highly combustible explosive materials or products which are liable to burn with extreme rapidity and which may produce poisonous fumes or explosions.

Head room
It is the clear vertical distance between the tread of a step and the soffit of the flight or the ceiling of a landing immediately above it and it should not be less than 2.14m.

It is a full brick or stone which is laid with its length perpendicular to the face of the wall.

This is the extra fabric above a cased heading that forms a frill.

Heading bond
In this type of bonding, all the bricks are laid as headers on the faces. The overlap, which is usually of half the width of the brick is abtained by introducing a three-quarter bat in each alternate course at quoins.

Closely woven Hessian (Hemp or Jute) is stuck to a heavy paper backing.

Hip rafters
These are the rafters which form the hip of a sloped roof. These rafters run from the ridge to the corners of the wall to support the covering over the hip.

Housed joint
In this joint, the entire end or thickness of one member is let into the notch in another. This is commonly used in works of heavy nature.

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