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Nahani trap
Trap provided in floors to collect used water from floors of bathroom, kitchen or washing floor etc. are known as Nahani traps.

New concrete
The concrete developed based on new concept has been termed as new concrete.

It is a wooden or metallic post supporting the hand rail and is usually provided at the hand, foot or at points where the balustrade changes its direction.

This is another device for lifting stones. The pointed ends of the nippers are inserted in the holes made little below the stone top face and the stone block is raised by attaching a chain to the central ring of the nipper assembly.

Nogging of bricks
It consists of brick work built within a framework of wooden members. The frame work consists of vertical posts called studs and held in position by horizontal members called nogging pieces.

The outer projecting edge of a tread is termed as nosing. Nosing is usually rounded to give good architectural effect to treads and makes the stair-case easy to negotiate.

Notching joint
This joint is commonly provided at the junction of two members meeting at right angle. It consists in cutting a depression to the full width of one member to enable it to be fixed to another member.

Nut oil
It is a cheap vehicle and generally used for painting ordinary works of temporary character. It is colourless, less durable and it dries very quickly.

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