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This is a pelmet that extends down the side of the window.

A platform or resting place provided between two flights. A landing extending right across a stair case is termed as half space landing and the one extending only half across a stair case is called a quarter-space landing.

Lapping joint
This is the simplest form of lengthening joint and is formed by lapping the end of one member over that of the other and fastening them together by bolting or using connections.

Lean to roof
This is the simpleast type of pitched roof consisting of rafters sloping on one side only.

Lengthening joint
These joints are used to lengthen a wooden member. The method of lengthening the member varies with its situation in a framed structure.

Lime plaster
Lime used in plastering may be fat lime or hydraulic lime. Fat limes make best plaster as they yield good putty after shaking. Hydraulic lime on the other hand yields harder and stronger plaster.

Line of Nosing
It is an imaginary line touching the nosing of each tread and is parallel to the slope of the stair.

Lining Paper
This is a single layer of plain paper, which is used for good surface preparation. It evens the porosity of a surface and can strengthen a substrate.

Linoleum flooring
Linoleum is a covering laid over wooden or concrete floors in order to hide the defects of flooring or to enhance its appearance.

Linseed oil
This is extensively used as a vehicle in oil paints. It is obtained by pressing crushed flax seeds. The drying of the oil takes place due to its oxidation when exposed to air.

The support to the load above the opening is usually given by providing an arch or a lintel. Lintel acts like a beam and transfers the load vertically to the supporting walls.

This pigment is obtained from the precipitate formed by mixing equal quantities of the solutions of barium sulphate and zinc sulphate under carefully controlled conditions.

An intermediary floor space created by introduction of a slab between floor and ceiling of a room, passage or wherever it is provided with maximum clear height of 1.5m for storage purposes only.

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