Interior Terms

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The lower edge of the inclined roof surface of a pitched roof is termed as eaves.

When a reflecting surface is so far away from the source that the sound is reflected back as a distinct repetition of the direct sound, the reflected sound is called an echo.

If soluble salts are present in bricks or the mortar, they absorb moisture from atmosphere and go into solution which appears on the surface in the form of whitish substance as the moisture dries out and the salts crystallise.

The design side of the paper is raised and the reverse side is hollow.

English bond
This bond consists of alternate course of headers and strechers. In this arrangement, vertical joints in the header courses come over each other and the vertical joints in the strecher course are also in the same line.

Envelope Curtains
Curtains that cannot be pulled back. The lower inside corners are hooked back to allow light into the room.

A passage, channel or means of egress from any building, storey or floor area to a street or other open space of safety.

Expansion joints
These joints are provided to accomodate the expansion of adjacent building parts and to relieve compressive stress that may otherwise develop.

External wall
An outer wall of a building not being a party wall even though adjoining to a wall of another building and also means a wall abutting on an interior open space of any building.

It is the outer surface of an arch or the outer curve of the arch ring.

Enamel paint
It is made by adding pigments like white lead or zinc white to a vehicle which is a varnish.

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