Personal Cabin Designing
A personal cabin should have a clean interior with minimalist furniture style; it’s fresh and innovative space. The main work area is a bustling zone of creativity with private and semi-private areas, to divide between the work and waiting areas. This is like a personal space that “no one can intrude my jobs”. The system includes a desk, task chair, expandable hood, integrated speakers, and power all set on casters for true mobility. Furniture plays a critical role in decorating a cabin. Furnish your cabin with the best rustic furniture and express your taste with impression.

As for semi-private view a cabin should have a wall of a transparent glass or at least a transparent glass door and if needed a etching glass designs at the bottom and top of the glass suiting the outer walls of the office, so that the seniors in the cabin can view the activity going around the office as well as the table and chair should be in a position so as it directly or indirectly faces the outer office. It is more likely that the cabin which is provided should contain privacy from time to time, like while having a meeting with a client or during the praying time or when a person wants to relax. So, to keep this in mind a cabin should have non-transparent curtains which flow with the colors of inner as well as outer walls and these curtains can be pulled down or slide whenever needed.
If more space available a cabin can be provided with a sofa so that when there is a long group meeting with a client there is enough space to be comfortable during discussion, or can be used to relax during the overtime. More likely in a personal cabin there should be a facility of having a television to overcome the stress whenever needed.

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