Pantry & Refreshment Area Designing
  • For offices that can afford the space, a clean well designed and pleasant looking cafeteria or canteen will help employees relax.
  • Pantries should be designed to incorporate all the essentials, such as a hot plate or gas burner with cylinder space below and a sink, a stainless sink is hardy and easy to clean.
  • A storage cupboard, shelves or hooks can hold the cups and saucers, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee, sugar, etc. A small compact refrigerator is useful for storing milk, cold drinks, preserving food items, etc.
  • A good garbage storage system will help circumvent the inevitable mass of tea dregs, papers etc.
  • Disposable plastic cups, plates, if economically viable can save on maintenance and cleaning.

Essential Services
  • Coming to the toilets, which perhaps more than any other room, reveals the true class of a company, its attitude to cleanliness and the activity of its employees and visitors.
  • Bathrooms don’t have to be exotic, but they do have to be adequate in number for the staff employed and they have to be clean.
  • They should have tiled surface, preferably in light plain shades which are not overpowering and which cannot be scrubbed down easily.
  • Separate toilets for men and women are statutory to a given number of employees. A basin, an Indian and the western WC with the urinals to accommodate the users.
  • If ventilation is less than ideal, an exhaust or ceiling fan may help, for there are few things as off-putting as a smelly toilet.
  • Facilities for dispensing toilet paper, towel, hand dryer etc., should be provided.

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