Interior Terms

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Rain water pipe
This is the pipe provided to carry rain water.

Raking bond
This is a bond in brick work in which the bonding bricks are laid at any angle other than zero ninety degrees.

Raw linseed oil
It is a transparent vehicle, yellowish in colour, sweet in taste and has very little smell. It has inferior drying qualities and is generally used for inside painting work.

It is the process of cutting a rectangular grove along the edge of a member, so as to enable the edge or tongue of other member to fit in the former.

Red lead
It is an oxide of lead, bright red in colour and is usually sold in powder form or in the form of paste made by grinding it with linseed oil.

Residential buildings
These shall include one or two private dwellings, apartment houses(flats), dormitories, hotels, etc.

Retaining wall
It may be defined as a wall built to resist the pressure of liquid, earth filling, sand or other granular material filled behind it after it is built.

These are exposed vertical surfaces left on the sides of an opening after the door or window frame has been fitted in position.

The phenomenon of undue prolongation of sound of sound by successive reflections from surrounding surfaces, after the source sound has ceased, is called reverberation.

Revolving door
They provide entrance on one side and exit on the other simultaneously keeping the opening automatically closed when not in use. The door is so assembled as to exclude the wind draught.

It may be defined as the apex of the angle formed by the termination of the inclined surface at the top of the slope.

Ridge beam
It is a horizontal timber piece provided at the apex of a roof truss. The common rafters are fixed to this piece and are supported by it.

Rise of roof
It is the vertical distance between the wall plate and the top of the ridge.

Rise of steps
It is the vertical distance between the upper surface of the successive treads.

The vertical portion of a step providing support to the tread.

Rolling steel shutter doors
These doors are commonly used for show windows, stores, shop fronts and godowns etc. The door shutter acts like a steel curtain and provides adequate protection and safety against burglars and fire.

A roof may be defined as a covering provided over the top of a building with a view to keep out rain, snow and wind and to protect the building from the adverse effects of these elements.

Room height
The vertical distance measured from the finished floor surface to the finished ceiling surface.

Rough arches
These arches are built with ordinary bricks which are not cut to wedge shape.

Rough cast finishing
It is a finish in which the mortar for the final coat contains a proportion of fairly big size coarse aggregates.

Rough tooled surface
In this type of surface finish, the projection of the stone block are removed by means of chisels and the surface is nearly dressed true. The corners and the edges are made accurate, chisel-draughted margins sunk and the side and bed joints roughly treated to ensure proper bonding.

Rubble arches
They are constructed with rubble stones which have been hammer-dressed, roughly to required shape and size of the voussoirs.

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