Interior Terms

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It is the triangular portion of the end wall of a sloped roof formed by continuing the end wall up within the roof. Thus, the gable has two slopes with ridge in between.

An intermediate floor or platform projecting from a wall of an auditorium or a hall providing extra floor area, additional seating, accomodation etc.

A building or portion thereof used for shelter, storage or parking of a wheeled vehicle.

Garden wall bound
This type of bond is suitably adopted for one brick thick wall which may act as a garden wall or a boundary wall.

Gate valve
This type of valve is used to control flow of water or for completely stopping the flow of water in a pipe line.

Gauged brick arches
Gaiged bricks are those which have been accurately prepared to a wedge shape for the arch construction.

Geometrical stair
This is similar to the open-newel stair with the difference that the open well between the forward and the backward flight is curved.

Glass partitions
These are the partitions which are made either from the sheet glass or hollow glass blocks.

Glazing consists in securing glass, in prepared opening in iron, steel, masonry or wood work.

Globe valve
This is the most commonly used type of valve for manually controlling or completely closing the flow of water in domestic water installation.

Going of step
The run of a step in a stair or the width of the tread between the direction of a stair.

Goose neck
This is 40 to 50 cm long flexible curved pipe made up of brass, copper or lead inserted between the ferrule and the service pipe.

Grass Cloth
Made with the fibres of a honeysuckle vine being attached to a paper backing.

The pattern of this paper is applied to the surface with rollers; a photographic process has produced the pattern.

Grease trap
These traps are especially designed for removing the grease content of waste water before discharging the same into the drain.

Grillage foundation
When heavy structural loads from columns, piers or stanchions are required to be transferred to a soil of low bearing capacity, grillage foundation is often found to be lighter and more economical.

Ground floor
Means the storey of the building which has its floor surface nearest to the ground around the building.

Gully trap
Gully trap is a deep seal trap which is provided on the external face of the wall for disconnecting the waste water flowing from kitchen, bath, wash basin & floors from the main drainage system.

This is a method to prevent the defect of dampness in the structure. This consists in depositing an impervious layer of rich cement mortar over the surface to be water proofed.

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