Interior Terms

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Facia board
It is a wooden planck usually 25mm thick and 15cm wide fixed along the eaves connecting the feet of the common rafters.

Fan light
The function of fan light is to ensure cross ventilation in the room even when the door is closed. It also assists in providing natural light in the corridirs or passages.

Fender piles
When the piles are used to protect concrete deck or other water front structures from the abrasion or impact that may be caused from the ships or barges (whan they are tied up at the deck ) they are called fender piles.

Festoon Blind
Though it looks a lot like the Austrian blinds, these blinds are ruched or pleated from top to bottom.

These are ornamental ends of a curtain pole.

Finishing coat
This is the last coat applied on the surface after the undercoat is properly dry.

Fixed light
The glazed part of the window that is not hinged or opening. i.e. it is fixed in position.

Flag stone
Any laminiscated sandstone available in uniform thickness is called flag stone.

Flat arch
It is also known as straight or camber arch and is laid with its bed joints radiating to centre. When used over opening of door or window, the flat arch acts similar to a lintel.

Flat roof
A roof laid at an angle of less than 10 degrees to the horizontal is known as flat roof.

Flat slab flooring
Flat slab, also known as beamless slab, is a type of construction in which the flooring slab is directly supported on columns without the agency of beams and girders.

Flat varnish
It is sometimes desired that the varnished surface should present dull appearance. To attain this, manufactures make varnishes which dry with reduced gloss by adding such material as wax, metallic soap and finely divided silica.

Flemish bond
In this arrangement of bonding brick work, each course consists of alternate headers and strechers. The alternate headers of each course are centered over the strechers in the course below. Every alternate course starts with a header at the corner.

It is a straight step having a parallel width of tread.

A series of steps without any platform, break or landing in their direction.

Float valve
It is used to supply water to a storage tank or flushing cistern and to automatically shut off the supply when the pre-determined level is reached.

This has a luxurious velvet feel. It is made by dusting powdered silk, wool or flock onto a tacky patterned surface paper, creating a piled effect and is back in fashion after a long break!

Floor traps
Trap provided in floors to collect used water from floors of bathroom, kitchen or washing floor etc. are known as the floor traps.

Floors are flat supporting elements of a building. They divide building into different levels thereby creating more accomodation on a given plot of land.

Flush pointing
In this type of pointing, the mortar is pressed into the raked joints and finished off flush with the edges of the bricks or stones, so as to give a smooth appearance.

Flushing cistern
A flushing cistern is used for storage and discharge of water for flushing of contents from a W.C. or urinal.

Flying shores
It is a system of providing temporary support to the party walls of two buildings where the intermediate building is to be pulled down and rebuild.

A foundation unit constructed in brick work, masonry or concrete under the base of a wall or column for the purpose of distributing the load over a large area.

It is the lowest part of the structure below the ground level which is in direct contact with the ground and transmits all the dead, live and other loads to the soil on which the structure rests.

It is a depression on the top face of a brick. It provides a recess for the mortar which on setting forms a key and prevents the displacement of the brick above.

As applied to a building means the portion facing the street from which it has access.

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