Interior Terms

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Oblique-shouldered joint
These joints are commonly adopted in timber truss construction where members are jointed in acute or obtuse fashion.

Oil bound distemper
It is a form of distemper in which the drying oil is rendered mixable with water. When required, it is diluted with water.

One-pipe system
In this system, all soil and waste fitting discharge into a single pipe termed as soil cum waste pipe and a separate vent pipe is provided to which all floor traps are connected for ventilation of the system.

Open newel stair
It consists of two or more straight flights arranged in such a manner that a clear space called a ‘well’ occurs between the backward and the forward flights.

Outlet pipe
This pipe is installed at 3 to 5 cm above the floor of the tank. The pipe is always provided with a stop valve to stop supply of water to downtake pipe.

Over flow pipe
This pipe is provided a little above the inlet pipe to allow the incoming water to overflow in case the ball valve assembly does not function properly and it is not able to shut off the incoming supply of water.

Oxide of iron
It is a pigment produced from haematite ore. The pigment is obtained by grinding and levigating the red or brown haematite.

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