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Sinks & Faucets
Sinks come in many varieties. There are ones with single bowls and double bowls and can be either of porcelain, glass or stainless steel. Some of them may have a mounted dish-rack or a draining board where you can keep the dishes to drip dry after washing them, to save the space. For family kitchens, you may like to opt for a sink with two bowls. It is not necessary that both the bowls are of same size and one can be bigger than the other one. The sink should be easy to clean, durable and stain-resistant. Faucets can male a lot of difference to the look of your sink and your kitchen in general. You may opt for retro look or stylish modern styles and choose from a wide range of finishes such as chrome-plated brass.

Save water with leak-free and drip-free ceramic washers. You may want faucets with separate spouts for hot and cold water or a single one that lets you control the temperature of water. The additions may include hand-spray and the addition between spout of the faucet and sink should be enough to fit in largest of your pots and pans but it should not be in the way of window catches. Choose wall mount faucet fixtures if the need be. Additional functions and features are available in the latest models such as bubble flow that are soft on your hands and almost make no noise when the water is running. You will be amazed at the variety available and the perfection lies in the details, so pay attention to them.

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