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Study Room Lighting
Study room is the most important room for the intellectuals, for students as this is the room where one builds his carrer. In the reading room, one should plan the lights very carefully as the intensity affects a lot on the eyes thus on the health.
  • In a study, the priority is to provide adequate illumination for reading and writing. For maximum pleasure of reading and for easier concentration, reading lamps must have a proper quality and quantity of illumination and be placed so that the light falls comfortably on the open page.
  • The complete room may be lit with powerful uplighters, downlighters, or the general lighting may be reduced to be supplemented with task lights as required. For the study it is necessary that task lights be supported with general illumination even if it is of low intensity to avoid eye strain.
  • Care should be taken where computers are placed, the task light should not produce glare or reflections on the screen. Task lights for writing should be positioned so as to avoid both glare and shadow.
  • If floor lamps are used as reading lights, then it should be 40"-49" from the floor to the bottom edge of the shade. The shade should be moderately illuminous to softly diffuse the light and eliminate glare, thus open top shades are preferred.

Study Lights
Many of like to settle down comfortably in some favorite corner of the house and spend some time reading books or magazines we love. All of us have some reading and writing to do at some point of time. These two activities put a strain on our eyes and thus what is needed is proper lighting to reduce the strain. Adequate desk lighting is a must for students for long hours of night study. Here are a few tips on how the lighting should be while studying, writing or working on a computer:
  • Lighting should be bright and must be focused on to the area where you are working.
  • Use task lighting as it is focused and does not create any shadows. This lighting illuminates only the work surface like the study table.
  • Use halogen bulbs as experts consider them the best to illuminate reading material.
  • Using fluorescent bulbs is better than using incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs last longer, save electricity and are now available in a variety of colors.
  • Right-handed individuals should place the light on their left hand side and vice versa. This is to ensure that the shadow of the hand does not fall the pages.
  • You should sit upright and read with the material at a distance of about 14 to 18 inches away from the eyes.
  • For long night study one should choose glare-free task lighting.
  • As an individual grows older his eyes become weaker. Thus older people need more light for reading and writing.

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